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RadTech Europe and Pira International collaborate on a new market study

Pira International and RadTech Europe agreed to work together on a new market study named ‘The Future of Radiation Curing for Packaging’. The study will kick-off in early 2011 with a final publication date in the summer of 2011.

RadTech Europe concludes its second Food Packaging Seminar in France in 2010

The second RadTech Europe food packaging seminar of the year took place in Paris, France on the 9th of November. Once again, RadTech Europe succeeded in attracting a group of expert speakers to inform attendants of the various technical and regulatory facets of safe printing of food packaging. In order to reach local companies and end-users, the presentations were offered in French.

RadTech Europe promotes the safe use of UV Technology for food packaging

RadTech Europe is aware of recent issues with migration of ink ingredients in food packaging and encourages anyone with questions about these issues to contact RadTech Europe for support and guidance.

RadTech Europe welcomes new President David Helsby

During the RTE General Assembly 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, the Management Committee welcomed their new President David Helsby.

Engaged discussion at the German Seminar for Radcure printing on food packaging

RadTech Europe had a very successful conference in Germany and will as a follow-up organize a similar event in France on September 30th around printing & packaging materials. The seminar was triggered by input from the members, statements of the members in the press and on their websites, various food alerts, articles and programs in the media on food packaging that were linked to radiation curing printing systems.