The educational webinars were held before summer and are freely accessible to anyone who is interested to learn more about our interesting industry. Each topic (market, chemistry, equipment) will be covered in one webinar which will be presented twice on one day to enable more questions from the audience. See the full schedule below. The COVID-19 update and forecast for our industry will be for RTE members only.

Educational webinar series (free access):

Tuesday 30 June - Introduction to UV/EB technology: Market - Recording of 11 AM session (password: 3v=f4Svd) | Recording of 3 PM session (password:4A=C@3%^) 

Tuesday 28 July - Introduction to UV/EB technology: Chemistry - Recording

Wednesday 2 September - Introduction to UV/EB technoloy: Equipment - Recording of 11 AM session (password: 6*#z6+3X) | Recording of 3 PM session (password: WM%9sPD#)


RTE Technical Updates (members only):

Tuesday 14 July - An update and forecast on how COVID-19 is affecting the UV/EB industry | Recording available upon request for members only

Tuesday 13 October 3.30PM CET - RTE Technical Update: Attainable Sustainable | Recording available upon request for members only

End October/begin November - RTE Regulatory Update (more info in due course)

end November - RTE Briefing: Deinking initiative (more info in due course)

More information on webinars in the regulatory and technology series will follow soon.