RTE HSE Committee

The HSE Committee represents producers of raw materials, formulators and users of UV and EB systems.  Not only does the HSEC make its job to ensure that the classification of basic monomers and oligomers is based on a complete and balanced evaluation of scientific evidence, the Committee helps users to understand the meaning of these classifications and provides support for effective implementation at the workplace.  The HSEC also monitors regulatory developments, representing the industry in relevant environmental and other legislative issues, and maintains regular contact with EU, national authorities and other industry entities.  Finally, the HSEC co-ordinates with the U.S. radiation cure industry, particularly through co-operation with RadTech North America, and European bodies with regard to the European industry’s future research endeavours.

The RadTech Europe HSE Committee:

Martin Klatt - BASF (Chairman)
Mark Macare - RadTech Europe (Interim Chairman)
Didier VanHoye - Sartomer Europe
Perrine Cahen - Allnex
Colette Moulaert - Allnex
Nick Ivory – EuPIA
Paul Kelly - Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
Philippe Legros– ArcelorMittal


Photoinitiator Sub Committee

Mark Macaré - RadTech Europe
Thomas Casper - Rahn AG
Tom McKellar-Smythe - IGM Resins B.V.