RadTech Europe Metal Seminar & Academy 2008

During this two-day curing event titled “UV/EB:  the perfect cure” in collaboration with Corus and Swansea university, field experts of suppliers and manufactures, and end-users enable interested applicants of UV/EB learned about the state of the art of chemicals, formulations and equipment for metal and coil coating. Case studies underlined the present possibilities.

Day 1
The first day was the launch of the RadTech Europe Academy destined for new company or laboratory staff with basic knowledge of chemistry or mechanical engineering but less experienced with UV/EB. The lecturers dealt with the various aspects in general of raw materials, formulations and equipment for implementing UV and EB.

Day 2
The second day was dedicated to the industrial applications for metal and coatings with an emphasis on economic use, environmental caring, processing and energy savings. Applicants throughout the chain experienced the actual state of the radiation technology. 

This event took place at the largest steel mill of CORUS inIJmuiden, theNetherlands. This is where CORUS, the steal and aluminium factory has its postal address. The actual factories are located on the other side (north) of theNorth SeaCanal.IJmuiden has four harbours and the best fresh fish market in the Netherlands. IJmuiden is situated at the entrance of the North Sea channel toAmsterdam.