10 July 2024

RadTech Europe (RTE), the leading association dedicated to advancing UV/EB technology and its applications, announces another online seminar dedicated to exploring the possibilities and challenges of UV/EB technology within the coil coating industry. This informative programme, taking place on October 15th and 17th, 2024, will equip attendees with the knowledge to navigate the potential of UV/EB curing in coil coating applications.

Connecting the Value Chain for Innovation

As a champion for collaboration across the UV/EB industry, RTE recognizes the importance of connecting the entire value chain. This Coil Coating Online Seminar reflects that commitment by fostering a platform for knowledge exchange between industry professionals.

Unveiling the Potential of UV/EB Curing

UV/EB technology is emerging as a promising alternative in coil coating, and this seminar serves as a crucial educational forum. Participants will gain valuable insights into:

  • The core functionalities and potential applications of UV/EB curing in coil coating processes.
  • The sustainability benefits associated with UV/EB technology compared to traditional methods.
  • Safety considerations and best practices for implementing UV/EB curing.

A Forum for Education and Opportunity

The RTE Coil Coating Online Seminar recognizes the evolving nature of this technology within the coil coating market. By presenting both the possibilities and challenges of UV/EB curing, the programme aims to educate industry professionals and unlock the potential for wider adoption.

Registration Now Open

Those interested in attending this informative seminar can register online today at https://www.radtech-europe.com/events/rte-seminars/ . The programme details, including speaker information and session topics, are also available on the registration page.