8 March 2023

This year RadTech Europe, the European association for UV/EB curing technology, is organizing a webinar series especially on UV LED. The aim of the association is to help everyone understand the true value of radiation curing technology and comprehend its functionality, sustainability, and safety. The focus this Spring will be on UV LED in a series of webinars, open to the public.  

A programme full of education and new developments

The first webinar will take place on Tuesday 4 April, providing an introduction on the topic. Followed by the webinars below:

Tuesday 20 April | Basics of LED – a focus on the hardware

Thursday 4 May | The chemistry and materials behind LED

Wednesday 10 May | Energy efficiency of LED – find out more about the energy benefits using LED

Thursday 25 May | Regulatory side of LED – get to know what regulations are relevant to LED

Thursday 8 June | How to tackle the challenges of using LED – covering topics such as measurements, film properties, etc.

Thursday 22 June | The future of LED – panelists discussing the opportunities and challenges of LED

More information and registration links can be found on https://radtech-europe.com/events/rte-webinars/

RadTech Europe has a dedicated working group to UV LED. In case you have any questions on this topic, feel free to reach out to us via mail@radtech-europe.com