8 May 2020

Interprint, a leading global décor printer, has selected PCT Ebeam and Integration to supply the electron beam systems for a new coating line to be installed at the company’s location in Ozorków, Poland. Jochen Geiger, Managing Director of Interprint Polska, states, “PCT was selected based on the technical advantages offered by their design, their experience in this market, and for the professionalism displayed by their staff.”

The electron beam units will be used to instantly cure coatings on décor papers. This process provides the desired properties of high scratch resistance and strong chemical resistance. A wide range of gloss and matte finishes can also be achieved. The use of ebeam cured coatings is consistent with industry efforts to eliminate formaldehyde in the finished products of furniture, flooring, and cabinets.

“We are very pleased to earn this order from Interprint, especially in the midst of these uncertain times. Our team looks forward to a successful partnership with this respected company,” states Karl Swanson, President of PCT.