1 December 2021

Due to the continuous growth of IGM’s business, under the umbrella of our Go Grow Green strategy, it was time for IGM to develop a strong distribution model in EMEA: Solindis, a new company, led by Ruud Kuijsters and Frans de Wind who will be the ideal partners to drive growth. With their experience and contribution to the growth of IGM in the past 16 years, we are confident that our partnership with Solindis will provide our customers in the UV market with an outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, and we will be able to serve the growing and changing needs in the Energy Curing market.

IGM’s CEO, Wilfrid Gambade: I’m proud that IGM could establish a tailor-made distribution model that will support the growth and the continuous increasing market needs with the creation of Solindis, a company that will work closely and at arm’s length with IGM to improve the service level and support the market and to better serve a customer portfolio fragmented in a very large geographical region like EMEA.”