1 December 2021

IGM Resins is proud and excited to announce the launch of our new sustainability brand: PureLine™! From today, PureLine™ is the home for all the IGM Resins products that contribute to our customer’s sustainability goals.

As such, the PureLine™ brand is also one of the key pillars of our sustainability strategy, through which we aim to help the UV industry shape a better future for the generations to come.

Some examples of key elements that could be included in our PureLine™ portfolio in the future; are:

  1. - Improving the carbon footprint of our products by using sustainable raw materials and processes.
  2. - Waste and energy reduction by using our planet’s valuable resources responsibly and optimizing our energy efficiency and water consumption.
  3. - Responsible management of harmful substances, for example by ensuring they don’t end up in our environment and by eliminating non-intentional substances such as PCBs.

We are launching our first bio-based products under the PureLine™ brand today! Take a look at our new PureLine product guide – and let’s Go Grow Green in our industry!