2 August 2023

RadTech Europe, the European association for energy curing technology, introduces the entry and participation details of its bi-annual international Innovation Awards competition. This call for entries is being addressed to all companies with innovative applications that have been manufactured using UV (LED) or EB curable inks, coating or adhesives and/or are produced in any printing, manufacturing or construction application that uses energy curing technology.

The awards competition targets all sectors of the industry and will culminate in an awards ceremony during RadTech Europe's Conference and Exhibition on 17-18 October in Munich, Germany. The conference and exhibition theme “UV/EB: the power to save” is built around the energy efficiency of radiation curing, will examine new and emerging trends and innovations, and take a close look at new applications of UV and EB curing. As such, it is the platform for honoring the innovation award winners of 2023, acknowledging the efforts and investments companies make in bringing the benefits of UV and EB curing on to an even broader raft of application areas.  

Award winner of one of the previous edition was DELO Industrial Adhesive in Basel for the development of light-curing, transparent adhesives for display bonding. “The growing demands in display bonding require special adhesives that give good adhesion and transparence, are resistant to chemicals, and reduce the reflections of the display surface", says Dr. Dietmar Dengler, Director Chemistry at DELO. "This award has helped us in bringing this innovative solution to a growing market much faster.” Other winners were Numericoat®, a unique effect solution for facades, durable and artistic, intended for the construction industry, and a ground-breaking environmentally friendly manufacturing technology for fiber production, creating numerous new applications.

RadTech Europe provides winners with a prestigious sales and marketing tool. A hallmark that signals to customers the winning company's contribution to manufacturing excellence achieved through the use of energy curing technology.

Closing date for entries is 15 September 2013. Entry details can be found on https://www.radtech-europe.com/events/rte-innovation-award-competition/