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Simplifying food safety: easily find food contact compliant additives with Clariant’s new offering
To help customers fulfill the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance, as well as ease ingredient selection, Clariant has launched a new package for the coatings sector that assists in the research of additives compliant with the most relevant food contact regulations.
Clariant & Omya capitalize on the benefits of label-free innovation for SMP sealants
Clariant and Omya joined forces on a new project to tackle customers' concerns related to the yellowing of the increasingly popular SMP (silane modified polymers) sealants. The results of their collaboration addressed the yellowing issue whilst delivering a label-free solution with higher light and heat performance versus standard solutions in the market. The partners are proud to introduce AddWorks IBC 760 to ECS 2023 visitors.
Heubach launches influential Automotive Styling Shades 2027 Trendbook at ECS: “Plan B for Planet A”
Perstorp strengthens its sustainable offerings with world’s first 100% renewable-based polyols with negative carbon footprint
Leading specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp has launched new grades for two base polyols that are now available with 100% renewable, mass-balanced carbon content. When including the biogenic CO2 uptake[1] from the renewable raw materials, the products will have a negative carbon footprint[2] at the Perstorp gate. Based on a traceable mass-balance concept, Neeture™ N100 (neopentyl glycol) and Evyron™ T100 (trimethylolpropane) are designed to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain and to support the sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials.
Black adhesives fully cured with UV light
At SMTconnect in Nuremberg, Germany, the expert for industrial adhesives, Panacol, presents the innovative „Black&Light“-technology, which allows to fully polymerize black epoxy adhesives without resorting to secondary curing mechanisms. The perfect match: UV-LED curing systems by Dr. Hönle AG.
DSM Engineering Materials helps noho launch the next stage of its sustainable furniture portfolio with EcoPaXX®
DSM Engineering Materials today announces the launch of its first collaboration with New Zealand-based direct-to-consumer furniture brand noho: Lightly™ stackable chairs. The new plant- and recycled-based product is the first chair to be manufactured from DSM Engineering Materials’ EcoPaXX® biobased polyamide, which is derived from the castor bean plant. This renewable resource is highly CO2 absorbent while it is growing, giving EcoPaXX® a lower carbon footprint compared to fossil-based alternatives. Combining superior functional performance, optimal durability, and excellent aesthetics with a significantly reduced environmental impact, EcoPaXX® is facilitating noho’s goal of creating furniture that is better for people and the planet.
Retrofittable electrochromic films for windows and glass facades control light incidence
Controlling light and heat radiation through windows and glass facades at the push of a button, saving energy and still maintaining a clear view? Switchable electrochromic films that turn dark but remain transparent are expected to make this possible in the future. The fact that this can also be retrofitted in existing buildings is to be demonstrated by the joint project "EnOB: FLEX-G 4.0.
Natural look, silky and matt surfaces thanks to bio-based, sustainable CERAFLOUR additives from BYK
Natural look, silky and matt surfaces thanks to bio-based, sustainable CERAFLOUR additives from BYK • 100% bio-based • Sustainable • Based on corn starch or rape seed