Latest news

Half-year results: ALTANA posts double-digit growth
Sales 24 percent above previous year’s level
IGM Resins confirms Omnirad™ 1173 does not contain any detectable levels of PCBs.
As global market leader in photoinitiators, IGM Resins would like to comment on the concerns raised by the market
Thailand-based PTT Global Chemical Public buys Allnex
Investor Advent sells resins producer Allnex to PTT Global Chemical Public Company for allegedly EUR 4 billion.
New perspectives for automotive suppliers: ALTANA Innovation Award 2021 honors pioneering technology in the field of metallic effect pigments
Novel SiO2-encapsulated metallic effect pigments ensure more robust formulation processes for water-based coatings
ALTANA renews long-term Group financing with first ESG-linked credit line
IGM Shanghai Company Name Change - IGM Resins (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.
To meet the IGM’s development strategy, "IGM Resins International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD." will change name for "IGM Resins (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd." immediately. All the business of "IGM Resins International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD." continue to be operated by "IGM Resins (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.", at the same time "IGM Resins (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd." continue to serve as IGM Asia regional headquarters.
ALTANA completes acquisition of TLS business with metal powders for 3D printing
The specialty chemicals group ALTANA has completed the acquisition of the business of TLS Technik GmbH & Co. Spezialpulver KG, thus strategically expanding its ECKART division. TLS, based in Bitterfeld, Germany, has more than 25 years of experience and is one of the leading international specialists in the production of high-quality metal powders for industrial 3D printing.
Two new BYK additives ring in the year 2021
BYK-329, a silicone-containing surface additive for both solvent-free and solvent-borne systems, is the new BYK product on the market that greatly reduces surface tension, especially in floor coatings and general industrial coatings, and promotes leveling and defoaming properties.