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RadTech Europe Announces 2025 Conference & Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland
Mark your calendars! The RadTech Europe Conference & Exhibition is returning in 2025, bringing together industry leaders and innovators for another groundbreaking event. This two-day conference, held at the Victoria Sofitel hotel in Warsaw, Poland on 27-29 October 2025, will delve into the latest advancements and applications in the UV/EB energy curing industry.
RadTech Europe unveils online seminar: Exploring possibilities and challenges of UV/EB technology in Coil Coating
RadTech Europe (RTE), the leading association dedicated to advancing UV/EB technology and its applications, announces another online seminar dedicated to exploring the possibilities and challenges of UV/EB technology within the coil coating industry. This informative programme, taking place on October 15th and 17th, 2024, will equip attendees with the knowledge to navigate the potential of UV/EB curing in coil coating applications.
RadTech Europe urges industry to stay informed on regulations with upcoming online seminar
Staying up-to-date on the ever-evolving regulatory landscape is crucial for success in the UV/EB curing industry. RadTech Europe, the independent European association for the promotion of UV/EB energy curing technology, empowers industry players by connecting the entire value chain.
RadTech Europe opens call for papers for RTE Conference & Exhibition 2023
RadTech Europe, the European association for UV/EB curing technology, is welcoming papers for the 2023 RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition, scheduled for 17 – 18 October 2023 in Munich, Germany.
RadTech Europe informing the market on the basics and latest in UV LED
This year RadTech Europe, the European association for UV/EB curing technology, is organizing a webinar series especially on UV LED. The aim of the association is to help everyone understand the true value of radiation curing technology and comprehend its functionality, sustainability, and safety. The focus this Spring will be on UV LED in a series of webinars, open to the public.
Calculation of CO2-Footprints and effect of coatings
The presented approach enables the calculation of CO2-footprints of prints. Epistemic errors are discussed. The approach presented proves that coatings can contribute significantly to the CO2-footprint of coated substances - the areal coverage of coatings (e.g. ink) has to be considered when CO2-footprints of prints are reported. In connection with market figures, the approach also proves that the most important variables to be taken into account, in addition to the area coverage, are the basis weight of the substrate and the conversion factors.
Multifaceted UV technology at PaintExpo 2022
At PaintExpo, which takes place from 26.-29. April 2022 in Karlsruhe, UV specialist and world market leader IST METZ will present a wide range of UV and LED systems for curing industrial coatings using UV technology in hall 1 at booth 1355
Register for the online RTE Food Packaging seminar in November
Make sure to attend the online RTE Food Packaging Seminar on 17 November 2022.