Pickering workshop in London – powered by BYK

BYK Additives & Instruments, one of the world’s leading suppliers of additives and measuring instruments, is key sponsor and co-organizer with the Royal Society of Chemistry of the one-day Commercialization of Pickering Emulsions workshop.

As a way to manufacture emulsifier-free emulsions, Pickering technology is especially interesting for the chemical industry, since they dispense without emulsifiers or surfactants and exhibit increased stability against external influences such as temperature changes or dilution.

One of the aims of the workshop, which will take place on November 23, 2017, is to improve the interface between universities and industry in order to evaluate the commercial potential and overcome the practical challenges of Pickering based technologies. From this industry driven workshop; a book of recommendations for achieving desired emulsion performance on an industrial scale will be compiled and published. A side benefit of the event will be to provide a platform for young colloid scientists to mix with established chemical companies.

BYK will be sharing its knowledge of LAPONITE as a Pickering emulsifier. Dr. Neil Grant, a researcher at BYK‘s site in Widnes, will be presenting work on emulsion formulation with LAPONITE. More information in terms of the workshop can be found here.