Process optimization with BYK additives

Every other year, the Paint India represents the trade fair start to the year for the entire Southeast Asian paints and printing inks industry. BYK Additives & Instruments, a leading manufacturer of additives and measuring instruments for the paints, printing inks, and construction chemistry industry, is presenting at the Paint India from January 21 to 23, 2016 in Mumbai with a wide and varied additives portfolio adapted to local needs.

Flagging the motto “Obviously Optimized”, Booth A2 in Hall 1 with 165 m2 will present new products and applications of particular interest for the demands and requirements of the Indian subcontinent.Optimization is the core idea behind all BYK additives, which, for example, increase the efficiency and sustainability of production processes, or improve product quality, thereby also contributing towards cutting costs and conserving resources.

Thus, one of the additives to be highlighted in the trade fair presentation is DISPERBYK-2055, a high-molecular-weight wetting and dispersing additive with a particularly wide range of applications. It enables the production of high-quality pigment concentrates covering almost the entire polarity range of let-down binders – from long oil alkyds through to aqueous binder systems.

A further special feature of DISPERBYK-2055 achieved thanks to the intelligent choice of key raw materials and a highly efficient production process, is its excellent price-performance ratio.

Moreover, special attention has been given to multicolor paint applications, which have recorded rising sales in Asia for many years now. LAPONITE-S 482 is a synthetic layered silicate which prevents the mixing of different colored drops of paint in the system, thereby making it the ideal additive for achieving desired effects – such as stone or marble optics – on surfaces.

A further advantage is the improvement of storage stability in the coating system. LAPONITE-S 482 can also be used in the formulation of eco-friendly water-based and low-VOC coatings.