Former AEB Electron Beam Lab united follow-up

After that AEB (Advanced Electron Beams), a venture-backed firm led by Richard Feldt, has halted operations and sold off its assets; the former activities have been redeployed. The German company METALL+PLASTIC has acquired the license for the manufacturing of the e250H and e400H emitters. METALL+PLASTIC has completed the setup of the operation in their production facility in Radolfzell-Stahringen end of last year and is now in process of emitter manufacture. The bespoke emitters are used for all kind of applications in the field of Low Energy Electron Beams. To improve access of European users industry to Electron Beam technology at an affordable price, METALL+PLASTIC and RADSYS have decided to cooperate together. A letter of intent on cooperation in this area was already signed by both parties. Based on this agreement, RADSYS will take over the services of the existing ADU laboratory units sold by former AEB in Europe such as dose calibration, standard maintenance but also propose new features like upgraded PLC management. RADSYS will also manufacture new electron beam laboratory units that will be use by various industry sectors for curing of coatings, film treatment or materials decontamination. METALL+PLASTIC will assist RADSYS by manufacturing new and refurbished e250H and e400H emitters for integration in the laboratory units.METALL+PLASTIC and RADSYS will also cooperate on the development and continuous improvement of the electron beam emitters. METALL+PLASTIC and RADSYS are pleased to continue to serve you and will do their best to provide high quality service and support.