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IGM Resins appoints key team member for North American leadership

IGM Resins has appointed Andre Berry as Vice President North America and Melissa Lutz has stepped down from her North American leadership role, effective September 14. Berry is part of IGM Resins’ Global Executive Leadership team and will report to Edward Frindt, IGM Resins’ CEO.

New BYK products win Ringier award

BYK-3480 and BYK-3481, both of which have perfect properties for significantly reducing static surface tension and defoaming in water-based systems, were recently honored by Ringier with the “Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2020” in the “Coatings Industry” category.

ALTANA’s half-year results

After a positive start to the year, in the first half of 2020 the specialty chemicals group ALTANA recorded an overall sales decline of nearly 7 percent to EUR 1,078 million in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This was primarily due to the strong decrease in demand in various industrial areas, above all the automotive sector. By contrast, consumer-related business segments such as PVC-free seals for conserved foods continued their growth trend.

Perstorp Group has appointed Ulf Berghult as new CFO

Ulf Berghult has been appointed new CFO at Perstorp Holding AB as of mid-February. Ulf is a senior executive with a very solid background, most recently he comes from the position as CFO at Trelleborg, a position he has held since 2012. Previous experience includes similar positions at companies like Thule Group, Dometic and Oriflame.

Retirement Andrew Chambers. IGM Resins promotes and appoints key team members to strengthen Photoinitiator leadership

Andrew Chambers will retire July 1st 2020 and will step down from his Executive position as Vice President Photoinitiators. Chambers will remain in an advisory role to the company after his official retirement.

New Perstorp fertilizer solution shown to increase potato yield by up to 22 percent

New research from the University of Lubin in Poland demonstrates that Perstorp’s chloride-free potassium source Amicult K42™ significantly increases potato yield when compared to non-foliar fertilization and other potassium source foliar feeding. The results highlight how this new product can make a real impact on profit margins and overall performance.

ALTANA Innovation Award for new pearl effect pigments technology goes to ECKART

A research team from ALTANA’s ECKART division has won this year’s Innovation Award of the globally active specialty chemicals group.

Heraeus Photovoltaics introduces the latest line of its high-performance SOL 7 Series Silver Pastes

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading technology solution provider for the renewable energy industry, today announced the launch of its newest and most advanced metallization pastes.

New BYK website: faster, better, more attractive

Customers of the specialty chemicals manufacturer BYK have cause for celebration: At the beginning of June, the even more informative, more modern, and more service-oriented website went live.

Technology declared dead is alive and kicking

UV technology has known only one state since 1970: continuous growth. The same applies to the printing industry, where UV curing now occupies an estimated market share of 90% in narrow web printing or nearly 30% in offset printing. In the last decade, media attention has almost exclusively concentrated on the LED UV variant. As a consequence, conventional UV systems are often viewed as a relic of outdated technology, even though they continue to dominate the market. However, closer inspection shows that classic UV lamps are actually undergoing something of a revival, and their use is steadily expanding in several areas. This article examines why that is the case and what it has to do with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.