Rahn GmbH

Energy Curing, also known as UV/EB-Curing, is a technology for curing printing inks, varnishes, plastic and adhesives, using UV-light or electron beams. This method allows curing to take place within seconds, without the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Advantages for using radiation curing are:

No volatile organic compounds and therefore no emissions
Fast curing, higher production speed
Low energy consumption
Small space requirement
High and consistent quality of the manufactured products
One component systems for easy handling

RAHN EnergyCuring Product Portfolio

- Mono & Multifunctional Acrylates (reactiv diluents)
- Epoxy Acrylates & -Methacrylates
- Polyester & Polyether Acrylates
- Urethane Acrylates & Methacrylates
- Acrylic Oligoamines
- Co-resins
- Specialities
- Additives & Stabilizers
- Photoinitiators and Synergists
- Polymeric Photoinitiators