Radlab AG part of the Rahn group


Product Development and Application Lab
Product Development Services offered:

- customised product development and modifications respectively
- development of products for new applications
- testing of new raw materials
- link with different production facilities
To perform multitudes of chemical and physical analyses we are equipped with the necessary laboratory equipment. Managing the process from the laboratory sample to the production scale, we guarantee a high and consistent quality.

Application Laboratory - Inks/Coatings/Adhesives/Medical Applications

With appropriate equipment, we investigate the properties and functional use of raw materials for printing inks, varnishes, wood and industrial coatings as well as adhesives and composites.

Our strengths in the field of application technology and know-how covers:
- testing and recording of all raw materials also known as Screenings (specification profile)
- customer projects, trouble-shooting
- development of formulations for a wide range of applications in radiation curing
- education and Training Center
The US laboratory is mainly focussed on adhesives applications but does also provide technical support for the range of raw materials offered to formulators of energy curable products.