Energy Sciences (Europe)

Energy Sciences (Europe), located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is a subsidiary of Energy Sciences, Inc. (ESI), Wilmington, MA, USA.

Energy Sciences, Inc. (ESI) founded in 1972, is the world leader for low energy electron beam (EB) equipment and applications with over 800 EB systems supplied to users worldwide.

Energy Sciences (Europe) offers customer service with several experienced service engineers to all ESI customers in Europe and parts of Asia. ESI Europe keeps a stock of spare and replacement parts for express delivery to its customers. We are committed to offer our customers high quality, reliable and fast services.

EB processing is used in the paper, film and foil converting industry to cure inks, varnishes, adhesives. Although especially popular for graphic arts and packaging production, for instance in web-offset and CI-Flexo printing of flexible packaging, EB technology is also used to cure coatings on a wide range of other materials and products and to crosslink plastic and rubber based materials and to sterilize packaging and package contents in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

The picture shows an EZCure CR EB dryer with integrated chill roll, installed in web-offset printing line. ESI supplies EB systems with integrated chill rolls since 30 years.

For further information please contact Energy Sciences (Europe) under or call +31-33-422 72 88.