Efsen Engineering A/S


Efsen Engineering is a Danish engineering & trading company founded in 1986 with focus on radiation technology within the fields of UltraViolet radiation curing, Electron Beam applications, and Water Disinfection by means of UV-light.

We are specialized in the construction of the whole process around the radiation process, and can assist you with a solid mass of experience.

Efsen Engineering covers all areas within sales, design and construction, service and consultancy within industrial use of radiation.

Our customers can be found within a broad range of industries, as for example:
- Graphics arts: Curing of inks, laquers and adhesives
- Wood Finishing: Curing of coatings and filler
- Electronics: Fixation of components, curing of adhesives and component- and cable marking
- Automotive: Curing of coatings on 3D plastic parts
- Optical fibers: Curing of buffercoatings, fiber colors and Adhesive joints.
- Medical utensils: Curing of coatings, adhesives and marking inks
- And many others…

We are distributors for the following leading equipment manufacturers:
- Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc: Microwave powered UV lamps
- EIT, LLC: UV Radiometers
- PCT Engineered Systems: Electron beam systems
- Lumen Dynamics: OmniCure spot curing systems