Technology:  EB

COMET AG's EB technology - ebeam:

COMET AG, the well known Swiss manufacturer of X-ray tubes for industrial and medical applications develops and manufactures highly compact and sealed EB engines based on COMET’s X-ray tube technology. The EB system is used in the upcycling, curing and sterilization of materials.

Previously only available in the form of massive and expensive systems, COMET’s innovation has made the EB technology accessible for mainstream industrial use. The existence of compact, reliable components will give manufacturers in various industries a powerful tool to operate with more sustainability. The objective is for EB processing to give value to materials in diverse industries, which have either no value or negative value. It is our mission to become the darling technology of the 2010’s.

The use of electron beam curing (EBC) for inks, varnishes, coatings, laminating adhesives and many other applications is growing rapidly. For the development of suitable EB chemistries and substrates, for quality control and general educational purposes, reliable, easy to operate and moderately priced EBLabs have additionally been manufactured by COMET.
The new, revolutionary EBLab system is fully computer controlled with an user friendly interface that includes features such as nitrogen purge, ozone extraction and data storage. The EBLabs modest facility requirements and small footprint will allow it to fit in any laboratory.

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