The use of UV/EB curing technology has been in existence in Graphic Arts Printing and Varnishing applications for over 30 years. The benefits of instant drying and excellent film properties that UV/EB curing give were originally demonstrated in Screen and Offset printing technology. With UV cured Over Print Varnishes the high gloss achieved and excellent product resistance meant that more expensive print finishing techniques such as Laminating were no longer always necessary.

The ability to use the same ink on a wide number of substrates allied to 'stay open' benefits allowed the use of UV/EB to grow steadily throughout the period. The development of Narrow Web presses to produce labels naturally aligned themselves to incorporate the benefits of UV/EB Curing technology. And as Printers realised the 'Cost per Copy' benefits of UVEB Printing continued to grow in Offset applications.

The challenge of producing Food Packaging quality systems has been met by using UV/EB technology and this is definitely a growth area for the future. Newer printing technologies such as inkjet are also finding that  UV/EB drying offers unique technical advantages. The introduction of UV/EB into these newer applications ensures that UV/EB is the technology for the future.


  • Offset
  • Gravure
  • Screen
  • Flexography
  • Inkjet
  • OverPrint Varnish