In the consumer electronics market with mobile phones, laptops and game console coatings as some example applications, the use of UV/EB coatings has increased significant over the last decade. Main reason for this growth is the excellent performance that can be achieved with UV/EB coatings, especially very good wear resistance, outdoor durability and resistance against household chemicals and fat for the plastic parts. With an ever increasing demand for high performance and longer lasting parts, combined with the global occurring shift to more environmentally friendly coating technology, UV/EB coatings will have a bright future in consumer electronics as the best technology to deliver this combination.

Also in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and displays in the consumer electronics market a significant amount of UV/EB coatings and inks are used. UV/EB coatings and inks are used because they enable high precision etching, allow for accurate printing on circuit boards and displays and give high performance protective final coatings for long lasting protection.

Most of these applications are applied by spray coatings, and also here many advances have been made in UV/EB formulations to make them better suitable for spraying with zero VOC’s. Also the equipment for UV/EB spraying has developed significantly in recent years.

Application areas are:

  • As protective coating on plastic parts of electronics (mobile phones, TV, laptop)
  • On the printed circuit boards as etch resists
  • In the displays of electronic devices
  • Display hard coats


  • Very high wear resistance
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Zero VOC
  • Operate at room temperature (no parts deformation by heat)
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent durability