Bookstore: UV Curing Technology - Traditional UV curing & UV LED curing

Author:  Bea Purcell
Price:  € 15,00 
Publish date:  25 Feb, 2013
Pages:  77
ISBN:  9781477606193

This book is intended to serve as a guide for:

- Printers, in order to make the proper decisions when issues come up relating to the many aspects of UV curing before, during, and after production.

- Printing industry sales, marketing, technical, and related professionals, who may need a basic knowledge of UV curing to understand the products, services and equipment they come in contact with in daily business activities.

- Non-printing industry professionals, for a basic understanding of the technology.

- Students, this book discusses the science behind the technology as they apply to the printing industry.

- General public, as a resource for understanding the relationship between the use of science and the printing industry.