Bookstore: Radiation Technology for Polymers, second edition

Author:  J. G. Drobny, Drobny Polymer Associates
Price:  € 120,00 
Publish date:  21 May, 2010
Pages:  307
ISBN:  9781420094046 | ISBN 10: 1420094041

Available in English


  • Includes information on green chemistry and sustainability
  • Describes nanomaterials as applicable to radiation technology
  • Covers equipment and instrumentation developments
  • Explores the practical aspects of using UV and EB radiation to treat polymeric materials
  • Looks at recent developments and emerging trends in equipment, chemistry, and technologies
  • Discusses the processing of coatings, paints, inks, and adhesives as well as thermoplastics and elastomers in film, sheet, and other forms
  • Presents detailed reaction schemes in a simplified manner
  • Brings together material previously scattered throughout many sources

The first edition of Radiation Technology for Polymers set the standard as a valuable, time-saving resource offering systematic fundamental information about industrial radiation technologies. Raising the bar even further, Radiation Technology for Polymers, Second Edition explores emerging applications of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) radiation to polymer processing, detailing significant changes in the field since the first publication.

Presents important new processing and engineering data from selected commercial products

Since the publication of the previous edition, many technological developments have taken place, new applications and products have been developed and commercialized, and some already established ones have been discontinued. This book updates changes, trends, and general issues in radiation technology. It presents vital, cutting-edge information to aid further reduction of volatile organic compounds and toxic substances in the environment, develop alternative sources of energy, and harness energy in both medical and industrial applications.

The author considers novel uses of UV/EB technology in:

  • Equipment and instrumentation developments in automotive, electronics, and wood-processing industries
  • Applications used in waterborne coatings and adhesives, film modifications, high-performance coatings, and inkjet technology
  • Processing of coatings, paints, inks, and adhesives, as well as thermoplastics and elastomers in film, sheet, and other forms

This reference discusses new uses for UV and EB irradiation, the response of polymers to irradiation, tests related to dosimetry and radiometry, and related safety and hygiene. It is also fortified with new problems and worked solutions, as well appendices with supplementary information on equipment manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, and principles of green chemistry and sustainability.