Bookstore: Industrial Photoinitiators: A Technical Guide

Author:  W. Arthur Green, Liverpool UK
Price:  € 70,00 
Publish date:  22 Apr, 2010
Pages:  302
ISBN:  9781439827451 | ISBN 10: 1439827451

Available in English


  • Provides the theory and chemical mechanisms of how photoinitiators work from the energy delivered by UV light
  • Covers many different groups of photoinitiators in diverse applications
  • Presents tables that include structures, chemical name, synonyms, molecular weights, form, MP, UV absorption data, and triplet energy of photoinitiators
    Includes a list of companies and suppliers

The use of photoinitiators in the UV curing process shows remarkable possibilities in myriad applications. Highlighting critical factors such as reactivity, cure speeds, and application details, Industrial Photoinitiators: A Technical Guide is a practical, accessible, industrially oriented text that explains the theory, describes the products, and outlines the practice in simple language for the novice and expert alike.

The basics of UV light
The book begins by examining the nature of UV light and the types of commercial UV lamps that are available. It discusses the light absorption process and the excited states that are produced by the photoinitiator prior to the production of radicals. Next, the book examines the structure of the photoinitiator and the mechanism by which a reactive species is formed, along with the deactivating processes that inhibit the various photophysical and photochemical steps that occur as radicals are produced.

Commercial photoinitiators
Providing a list of companies and suppliers, the author explores the distinct groups of commercial photoinitiators and the variations in their structure. He describes the factors that determine which photoinitiators should be chosen for a particular application and how the different types are used. He also explains the reasons why a cured coating may display yellowing and describes the use of stabilizers to reduce the yellowing effect.

Cationic curing
Exploring a small but growing area of interest in the UV curing industry, the book concludes by discussing cationic curing and examines the different scope of parameters and different chemistry involved. It also describes factors that affect the use of cationic photoinitiators.

Based on more than 30 years of experience working with photoinitiators, W. Arthur Green offers a unique resource that provides product developers and others working in industry with the practical information they need to fully understand the basics of this evolving field.