An Introduction to EB Equipment and Trends for the 90's

P.M. Fletcher and S.V. Nablo, Energy Sciences Inc., 1993 Conference


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Content: 19 pages

Recent Advances In Laser-Induced Curing

Prof C. Decker, 1991 Conference


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Content: 12 pages

The Growth Of The Market For Rad-Cured Coatings In Europe to 2000

Dr J. Howard, 1991 Conference


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Content: 10 pages

How the United States market is gearing up for the 1990's

Alice H. Pincus, 1989 Conference

By Alice H. Pincus, Pincus Associates - RadTech Europe Conference 1989

The use of UV and EB technology for curing coatings and inks has been commercial in the US for about 20 years now and has grown steadily, although slower than anticipated, during that time.

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Content: 5 pages

Overview of European RadCure Market 1989

Paul Dufour, 1989 Conference

By Paul Dufour, RadCure Specialties SA - RadTech Europe Conference 1989

This article provides an overview of the European Radiation Curing market in 1989.

Index of article

1. overview of applications done by radcure technology

2. limitations of the technology

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Prospectives of the Italian Market for UV-curable Paper and Plastic Drying Finishing

Gianfrance Marelli, 1989 Conference

By Gianfranco Marelli, Chimimar - RadTech Europe Conference 1989


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Content: 4 pages