UV- Systems Technology in Comparison

B. Schwarz, IST METZ GmbH, 1999 Conference


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Why Measure UV ?

A. Ridyard, 1999 Conference

UV processes have a curing 'process window', where the appropriate UV level in the correct parts
of the spectrum is required to activate the formulation to a sufficient level to be considered
'cured'. This paper discusses some recent improvements in the measurement of UV radiation

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Practical Aspects of Irradiance and Energy Density in UV Curing

R.W. Stowe, Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc, 1999 Conference

The physical properties of UV-cured materials are substantially affected by the lamp systems used to cure them. The development of the intended properties, whether a varnish, an ink, or an adhesive, can depend on how well these lamp factors are designed and managed.

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Efficient Generation of UV Radiations

W. Heering, 1999 Conference

There are a lot of UV sources commercially available that can be used for curing.Depending on theprinting and exposure application, different UV lamps are needed to adaptspectral distribution,process speed, thickness of the material to be cured etc.

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E-Beam Equipment And Applications

D.A. Meskan and A.F. Klein, 1997 Conference

Improved economic conditions, advances in e-beam chemistry and e-beam processing
technology, and expansion of production capacity by multi-national companies have all
contributed to increases in the installed base of e-beam processors in Europe during the past

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Control Systems For The Operation Of UV Lamps

A. Beying, 1997 Conference

The productivity and efficacy of an UV curing unit is very often judged only by
stating the specific power of the installed UV lamps. But the quality of an UV
cured product is determined by the spectral UV irradiance ) and the spectral

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The UV Curing PROCESS WINDOW; Practical Relationships Between UV Lamps and Material Properties

R.W. Stowe, 1995 Conference

The UV curing process, as with any production process, has limits of the range
in which it will work properly. Within these limits, the process will achieve
desired results. This range can be called the PROCESS WINDOW.

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ION Mobility Spectrometry, Controlling-Method For UV-Curing Processes; A Method For The End User

1995 Conference

The question of migratiOn-capable components in UV-cured coatings plays a dominant
role. For food packaging, odour and migration problems are of crucial importance. A
number of analysis techniques were applied and described in literature to determine

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Equipment Update: Ultraviolet & Electron Beam

K. Efsen, 1995 Conference

UV & EB technologies are today recognised, common and proven processes in a variety of industrial

This article is an update of a previous paper describing radiation curing equipment (1).

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Equipment Health And Safety – As Addressed By An Equipment Manufacturer

R. Denney, 1995 Conference

The Ultra Violet curing industry has witnessed dramatic growth over the past 10
years due to advances in equipment technology, ink / coating / adhesive
technology and the introduction of new industrial processes. prime reason

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