Process Solution for UV Curing of Coatings on Automotive Plastic Parts

K.H. Joesel, 2005 Conference

Curing of UV coatings on complex three-dimensional parts in an automotive production environment is a significant challenge.

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UV Digital Production Printing with Dry Full Color UV Curable Toner

L. Deprez, 2005 Conference

Since the beginning of digital printing (early 90s), Xeikon has played an important role in introducing the first high speed digital color presses. In this early phase, the majority of the printed jobs were short run jobs, replacing traditional offset workflow.

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UV Curing Systems for Automotive Refinish Applications

J.P. Stropp, 2005 Conference

UV curing systems have been successfully introduced into a number of market segments such as printing inks, wood coatings and automotive OEM.

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Content: 6 pages

New Polymeric Photoinitiators for Graphics Arts

F. Bertens, 2005 Conference

The development of UV-radiation curing technology has lead to its acceptance in a wide range of applications such as the Graphic Arts.

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Content: 8 pages

Fast UV-A Curable Clearcoat

N. Dogan, 2005 Conference


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Innovative Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Radiation Curing Flexo Inks

P. Cavaleiro, 2005 Conference

The importance of curing inks and varnish with UV as basis for an almost emission free and economic printing has rapidly increased over the past years. Compared to the ink penetration or heat drying at conventional processes the following advantages are reached:
- solvent free

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Content: 9 pages

Innovative Developments in UV Pigmented Low Viscosity (100% Solids) Zero VOC's fot the Automotive and Metal Coatings Industry

J. Amigo, 2005 Conference

The importance of low emission coating using light curing, has been increase, due to the VOC

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A Cost Efficient, Global Solution for Flexographic UV Printing

2005 Conference

In a first part, this paper analyses technical and economical advantages and drawbacks of standard

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Mono and Bis Substituted Polymeric Aminobenzoates as Amine Synergists for UV Curing

D.G. Anderson, 2005 Conference

Type II photoinitiator systems are used extensively in litho and flexo printing of packaging inks. These systems require a hydrogen donor to generate the curing system.

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Content: 9 pages

New Perspectives in UV with Drop On Demand Piezo & UV Drying Technologies for Mass Customization

P. Giraud, 2003 Conference

Ink Jet printing is now available for color printing in High Definition with UV inks on different kinds of media such as glossy papers, plastics, glass, wood or metal.

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Content: 10 pages