Recent Developments And Applications Of Uv/Eb Curable Silicone Acrylates

W. Hamann, 1997 Conference

The history of radiation curing technology and products for release coating is well
known to all of you. Therefore, today we will concentrate on new ideas and first
results coming from the laboratories of the Th. Goldschmidt Company, who stands

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Test Methods for Degree of EB Cure

J. Wendrinsky and R. Liska, 1997 Conference

Radiation Curing has proved to be an efficient method to provide polymeric layers by
exposing liquid systems to UV or EB radiation. Besides the absence of non-reactive volatile
solvents (VOCs) still used in many coatings, printing inks and impregnants it is the advantage

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Eb: Window To The Future

U.V. Lauppi and L. Wild, Energy Sciences Inc., 1997 Conference

The "classic" electron beam technology, which began in the early 50's, made use of
accelerating energies in the voltage range of 300 to 800 kV. The first EB processors built
for the curing of coatings operated at 300 kV. Most EB applications which were

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The Status of UV/EB Curable Products In North America – 1997

K. Lawson, 1997 Conference

This author has previously reported survey results showing that the use of UV/EB
curable materials has grown at a compound rate of about 1 0% per annum over the
last decade. Together, with about 1 00 members of RadTech International North

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Release of Volatile Derivatives from Initiators in Radiation Curing

M. Visconti, M. Cattaneo and G. Li Bassi, 1997 Conference

Radiation curing is considered to be the most environmentally friendly technology for the
polymerisation of films, due to the limited use of energy involved in the curing process and
to the limited amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) employed in the process.

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Developments in EC Regulations for Products

Dr. G. D. Bino, 1993 Conference

Over these past two decades four Community action
programmes on the environment have given rise to about
200 pieces of legislation covering pollution of the
atmosphere, water and soil, waste management, safeguards
in relation to chemicals and biotechnology, product

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The Rhodotron Project: A Progress Report

A. Michel, G. Frédéric, C. Jean-Marc, N. Annick, J. Yves and D. Dominique, 1993 Conference

In December 91, IBA signed an exclusivity agreement with the French Atomic
Agency (CEA, Commissariat a l'Energie. Atomique) to cooperate in the
development and industrialization of a new type of OW electron accelerator, called

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The Toxic Substances Control Act: Requirements For Importers

J.E. Plamondon, J.M. Scoville And R.J. Israel, 1993 Conference

Importers of chemicals into the United States often find themselves in a precarious
position: under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), they are considered the equivalent of
chemical manufacturers and thus are subject to the most burdensome responsibilities under TSCA

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Current Status In Waterborne Radcure Dispersions

R. Arnoldus, 1993 Conference


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Recent Developments In Radiation Curing Chemistry

Prof Dr C. Decker, Départment de Photochimie Générale, CNRS UMR 7525, 1993 Conference


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