Relating Tensile Properties of Improved UV Cure Heat Resistant Coatings and Thermogravimetric Data

E.J. Murphy, 2009 Conference

Heat resistant UV cure coatings for optical fibers and other applications are desirable for many uses; monitoring well drilling, under-hood automotive cable applications, and others [1,2].

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In Situ Synthesis of Silver and gold-epoxy Nanocomposites by Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Cationic Polymerization Processes

M. Sangermano, 2009 Conference

Metallic nanoparticles have special properties that may allow their use in a number of advanced functional applications.

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Cationic UV-crosslinkable acrylic pressure sensitive

R. Milker, 2009 Conference

Since their introduction half a century ago, acrylic PSAs have been successfully applied in many industrial areas.

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UV-Curable Inks for Industrial Applications on Plastic Substrates

F. Arrigoni, G. Rocco, M. Bianchi, F. Partito, V. Beretti, 2007 Conference

The inderect rotogravure printing process is well known for industrial application on plastic substrates, for example is used for the production of edges and panels for indoor application.

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Fully Scratch Resistant UV-Coatings Achieved by Nano-Particles, High Functional Acrylates and different Curing Conditions

2007 Conference

During resent years the improvement of scratch resistance of UV is an actual topic. High quality parquet coatings but also automative topcoats should be scratch resistant even under heavy strains.

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Direct-to-Metal UV Coatings: The Challenges and Solutions

K.H. Joesel, 2007 Conference

Ultraviolet energy cured coatings have been used for decades in industries as diverse as automotive, electronics, printing, packaging, medical, converting, flooring, furniture and metal pipe and tube.

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Coating of Decorative Papers with EB-Topcoats for the Use as Laminate Flooring

B. Daetwyler, 2007 Conference

Nowadays different kinds of products are being used as flooring material. Some classical product groups ave been widely used for centuries; others were developed in more recent times.

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Biological Monitoring for Solvents and Multifunctional Acrylate Vapours in SME Printing Factories

G.K. Edmondson, B. Kueter, 2007 Conference

this paper describes a section of the work carried out under the Uvitech Project, whitchh was aimed at adressing the inequality found in the printing industry experienced by SME printers over the introductioenof UV curing technology.

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UV-Developments in 3D-Curing for Automotive Parts

O. Starzmann, IST METZ GmbH, 2005 Conference

Over the past years UV-technology has been adopted by the automotive industry via component

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Can UV Curing Inks and Coatings Exhibit Enough Technical and Economical Advantages for Flexible Packaging Applications?

S. Villeneuve, 2005 Conference

This paper describes the challenges that UV curing inks and coatings still face before they can gain

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