Organoclay-Epoxidized Oil Acrylate UV Curable Coatings

N. Jiratumnukul, P. Manowanna, N. Premmag, 2007 Conference

Organoclay were prepared by cationic exchange process between  Na+ions of montmorillonite in bentonite clay and two types of alkyl amines

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Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings Based on Sol-Gel Chemistry and Photopolymerization Process

C. Croutxe-Barghorn, D.L. Versace, A. Chemtob, 2007 Conference

The improved or unusual features of organic-inorgannic hybrid materials are today well established. They allow the development of innovative industrial applications in mary areas: optics, electronics, biology, medicine...

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Novel Acrylated Building Blocks for UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions

H. Bernquist, D. James, K. Ekvall, P. Wennerberg, K. Sorensen, 2007 Conference

Radiation curable polyurethane dispersions have recently shown increasing and market interest as they axhibit high technical performance together with low viscosity and low VOC without the use of solvents or irritant monomers.

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New Raw Materials for Low-Emission Coating and Ink Formulations

S. Villeneuve, K. Studer, J.L. Birbaum, E. Brendle, S. Ilg, 2007 Conference

This paper revieuws the developmentof new additives, in particular photoinitiators, designed to drastically reduce emissions from coatings after curing.

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Low Odor/Low Extractable Energy Curable Acrylates for Food Packaging Applications

V.W. Stone, F. Bergiers, L. Boutreau, P. Gevaert, D. Michiels, T. Randoux, 2007 Conference

UV and EB technologies have alreaudy made significant inroads into non food applications due to the numerous advantages which they provide over other technologies (e.g. high gloss, excellent resistance properties, high printing speed, fast drying or cure times, no VOC, low systems cost).

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Various Industrial Wood Surface Coatings

L.M. Tufvesson, 2007 Conference

In this study the aim was to iconduct an environmental study from cradle-to-grave (LCA) of four different industrial wood surface coatings, two wax based coatings (one renewable and one fossil based) and two UV lacquers (one water based and one "100% UV" based).

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Influence of Different Wavelengths on the Local Polymerization in UV Coatings

S. Pieke, 2007 Conference

For optimized UV curing, it is essential to know the penetration depth of each spectral part of the incident radiation. The usual opinion is, that the shorter wavelengths, esp.

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Matting of UV-Curing Coating Systems

D.J. Kent, 1989 Conference

The formulation of matt UV-curing coatings using modern matting agents is problematic primarily because of the high-solids nature of these systems. However, it has been shown that through careful formulation, UV-curing lacquers exhibiting good matting characteristics can be achieved.

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Waterborne UV Pud's, eco-friendly systems for clear and pigmented coatings

2009 Conference

UV technology has been used in wood coatings since the late seventies. Until now all of these
applications have been based on 100% UV curable products, formulated mainly for roller coater

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Water-borne UV coatings for exterior wood application

J. Lippemeier, 2009 Conference

Radiation-curable, water-borne polyurethane dispersions combine the best properties from various welldeveloped coating techniques. For example, the radiation curing of water-borne UV coatings takes seconds and is of similar efficiency to that of solvent-borne or 100% UV coatings.

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