Transportation of Dangerous Goods

T. Casper, Rahn AG

Dangerous goods transportation

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Outline: (Meth)acrylic monomers REACh registrations, Tier1 and Tier2 registrations : a learning process, evaluation of Tier1 and Tier 2 Substances registrations; Potential impact on (Meth)acrylic monomers industry and main issues up to Tier3 registrations. 

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UV Inkjet Printing on Food Packaging: State of Art and Outlook

M. Graindourze

• Inkjet printing on packaging = answer to packaging trends

• UV LM inkjet ink formulation  low viscosity for jetting

• Thereby requires full conceptual development of LM ink concept

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Investigation of Printing Inks and Coatings Formulations for UV-LED Cure

V. Petry, Rahn AG

• only a selected number of Photoinitiators work under LED

• LED 365 shows the best results for a magenta ink.

• A 3 level (6-2) DoE shows that DETX and TPO/BAPO are sufficient for a good cure

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UV LED Curing in Low Migration Printing - Controlling the Variables

Once parameters for a low migration printing process are established, the most critical variable remaining is curing. Despite challenges for ink formulators, UV LED is the key curing technology eliminating this vulnerability.

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Water-Based UV Inkjet - Novel Chemistry Approach for Food Packaging Applications

J. Baro, BASF SE

UV inkjet made tremendous progress in productivity and print quality in recent years. Market penetration in graphic arts picks up speed making traditional UV offset and UV flexo face increased competition from UV inkjet, particularly in label and packaging printing.

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New EB curable CI-Flexo Ink Technology providing sustainable printing solutions for packaging applications

I. Rangwalla

New EB CI-flexo ink technology has been developed to permit wet trapping without interstation hot air drying.

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S. Schloegl

The present work addresses the formation of 3D structures via UV assisted foaming of commercially available acrylic offset inks. The microcellular foaming relies on the excitation of selected photoacid generators with UV light to release Brønsted acids.

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Highly Efficient Cleavable Photoinitiators for Visible Light Curing of Aqueous Formulations

S. Benedikt

Curing water-based formulations with photoinitiators is a state of the art technique.

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Toughening of Methacrylate Networks through Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer

K. Seidler

In the broad field of photopolymers three dimensional networks are formed by free-radical polymerization. These networks have to fulfill a variety of requirements including high reactivity of the monomers and good mechanical properties.

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