Can UV LED breakthrough into graphic arts printing applications?

Dr. Shaun Herlihy, Rob Karsten, Phoseon Technology Inc., 2011 RTE Conference

UV LED curing is rapidly gaining acceptance in the graphics arts industry and could soon be the preferred choice for drying in inkjet printing applications. The question is.... will it ever be effective enough for commercial printing applications in packaging and labelling?

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Atmospheric Plasma Processing of Film Substrates for Enhanced Adhesion of EB Curable of Printing Inks and Clear Coatings

Dr Panayotis Cocolios, Dr Eric Gat, Dr Stephen Lapin, 2011 RTE Conference

Atmospheric Plasma Processing (APP) under controlled gaseous atmospheres of film substrates leads to grafting of nitrogen based chemical functions onto the surface of the substrates.

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UV-Curable PFPE (Meth)acrylates: A New Class of UV-Curable Resins

T. Trombetta, P. Pollone, A. Zompatori, G. Vezzulli, 2007 Conference

The use of fluorinated monomers and oligomers for coatings is very attractive, due to the peculiar characteristics given by fluorine, such as water/oil repellency, chemical stability, weathering resistance, release properties, a low coefficient of friction, and a low refractive index.

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UV technology for the Coil Coating Industry

O. Starzmann, IST METZ GmbH, 2007 Conference

Radiation curing is well known as a reliable and safe technology for many years in aplications in the wood industry, the printing industry and the automotive industry for instance.

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UV Film Technology as an Alternative to Conventional Coating Application

N. Gruber, E. Beck, C. Hoben, O. Lafuente, K. Menzel, R. Schwalm, BASF SE, 2007 Conference

Traditionally the application of radiation curable formulations is done by roller coating, spray coating, curtain coating, etc. directly onto the substrate to be coated.

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UV Coil Coating - Importance of Thermal Treatment

T. Bergman, P.E. Sundell, P. Keil, G. Grundmeier, M. Schatzl, M. Heylen, K. Sundberg, A. Alanen, M. Rosenberg, K. Suutarinen, J. Lamminmaeki, L.M. Aikas, 2007 Conference

Radiation curing is technology well suited for the coil coating process, offering high speed and energy efficient curing of solvent free formulations. Adding a radiation curd, third layer to a standard precoating systemimproves the overall mechanical durability.

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Urethane Acrylates from Dimer acid Based Derivatives

E. Honcoop, W. Geuking, H. Ridderikhoff, 2007 Conference

Urethane acrylates as oligomers for UV coatings exhibit excellent properties that combine toughness and chemical resistance with flexibility and for aliphatic types also improve weartherability.

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The Use of Amine Synergists for Low Odor and Low Migration Applications

J. Oliver, 2007 Conference

Amine synergists ar a key in the puzzle of formulating varnishes and inks for low odor and migration.

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The Effect of UV Powder Functionality on the Network Formation

F. Williams, J.M. Armengol, E. Grau, V. Decomble, C. Chambat, 2007 Conference

Radiation curable powder paints are a good alternative to the traditional wood varnishes and semi crystalline urethane acrylates had also a good equilibrium between flow and powder storage stability.

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Process Design of UV Coatings: PTE Diagrams

R. Schwalm, W. Schrof, N. Gruber, BASF SE, 2007 Conference

UV cured coatings are changing their Physical state from liquid to solid during a fast room temperature curing reaction.

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