UV-cross linking under Oxygen-reduced conditions

R. Muller, 2001 Conference

It is not since today that we know the application of UV-curing under oxygen-reduced, inert conditions. For the cross-linking of silicones manufactured by Goldschmidt it is imperative to keep the residual oxygen content below 50 ppm.

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Industry: Metal Finishing

Mission Impossible: Getting radiation cured coatings to stick to metal

C. Lowe. J.F. Watts, V. Lavaste, S.R. Leadley and A. Rodriguez, Becker Industrial Coatings Ltd, 1999 Conference

For many years it has been clear that an obvious home for radiation curing is the coil coating industry. The process involves the application of paint to a rapidly moving flat substrate.

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Effects of pigments on radiation curable coatings for metal

C Lowe, 1989 Conference

By C Lowe, Crown Industrial Coatings - RadTech Europe Conference 1989

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Industry: Metal Finishing