Thio-ether-urethane materials synthesized by photopolymerization

D. Perrot

Photochemical generation of free radicals and acids is a widely used process in photopolymerization reactions.

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Content: 18 pages

Radical induced Cationic Frontal Polymerization

D. Bomze

Epoxy resins are widely used in coatings, adhesives and casting compounds. Common curing techniques for epoxy resins involve the addition of anhydride or amine based hardeners and thermal curing of the formulation.

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The study of polymerization of hybrid systems

O. Skola

The aim of this work was to study the polymerization reactions of hybrid systems (polymerizing by free radical and cationic polymerization simultaneously) and to compare them with systems polymerizing by only free radical or cationic polymerization.

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UV Initiated Bubble Free Frontal Polymerization in Aqueous Conditions

P. Potzmann

For large scale industrial processing the use of water as green solvent, and the application of energy efficient process techniques is of high interest for polymer synthesis. Frontal polymerization in aqueous formulations, fits perfectly both requirements.

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Content: 17 pages

Nucleophile-acrylate two stage photopolymerization confronted with a one step free radical acrylate photopolymerization

M. Retailleau

The Michael addition reaction is a versatile methodology for the efficient coupling of electron poor olefins with a multitude of nucleophiles.

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UV-grafting Coloration of Poly (ethylene terephthalate) Using Bis(meth)acrylated Anthraquinone Dyes

J. Jang

UV-grafting of polymerizable dyes onto textiles could replace conventional adsorption-based coloration, which can save water, energy and environment. A novel bifunctional anthraquinone dyes possessing two photoactive acrylates groups were synthesized.

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Update on Bisphenol-A

M. Cheeseman


•What is Bisphenol A and where is it found?

•What is the problem with Bisphenol A ?

•The EFSA Scientific Opinion on Bisphenol A:

•Human Exposure to Bisphenol A

•Toxicological hazard assessment of Bisphenol A

•Risk characterization for Bisphenol A

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Exposure Assessment for food contact materials

The presentation outlines why people involved in the Food Contact Material value chain may want to do exposure assessments, what is involved in creating an exposure assessment, and how the resulting exposure assessments can be used as part of a risk assessment to determine a basis for safety.

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Update on the mercury exemption under RoHS


  • RoHS II review
  • Exemptions
  • Cross-Industry Project – Application for Exemption Renewal
  • Other Applications
  • Application for Renewal of Exemptions Process – details
  • Next actions
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Printing inks Current legal requirements

A. Grabitz

An overview of the European printing ink legislation. Also presenting the current status, scope, restriction, impact for UV printing inks and time line of the German printing ink ordinance.

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Content: 15 pages