A Measurement Of The Contribution Of Uv Cured Coatings And Ink Binders Towards Color Change Of UV Cured Inks

D.M. Szum, 1993 Conference


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Parameters Affecting Extractables Cationic Uv-Cured Coatings In Cardboard Application

Dr H. Gaube and J. Ohlemacher, 1991 Conference

Cationic UV-curabl e clear coatings based on epoxy formul ati ons used for
example as overprint varnishes have been commercially available for several.
years. These coatings have received acceptance mainly because of their

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Cationic Radiation Cured Coatings: Physico-Chemical Properties Related To Formulation And Irradiation

Dr A. Carroy, 1991 Conference

Within the radiation curing industry,' photopolymerization of organic coatings induced by cationic
initiation has acquired real commeicial interest and stimulated many investigations in various

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Uv-And Eb-Curable Liquid Printing Inks: New Developments In Flexo Graphic And Rotogravure Printing Processes

Dr H-P. Seng, Zeller Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG, 1991 Conference


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Comparison of the Lithographic Ink Properties of Various Types of Acrylated Binders

Dr S. Peeters and Dr M. Philips, 1991 Conference

Raw materials'for lithographic offset printing must meet, apart
from viscosity and rheology,a number of requirémeñts related to
the printing process. The process is based on a chemical
difference between image and non image areas (in contrast to

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Novel Urethane-Acrylates For Optical Fibre Coatings With Improved Performance

Dr H. Hintze-Bruning and Dr S. Schunck, BASF SE, 1991 Conference


Lightwave data transfer based on fibre optics is an almost mature
technology, which enabled an increasing effiency of telecommunication
within last decade. As thetechnology grows in use so does the demand
for reliability and economical fibre production

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Comparison of UV and EB Technology for Printing and Packaging Applications

Stephen C. Lapin, 2008 Conference

By: Stephen C. Lapin, PCT Engineered Systems LLC, Davenport, Iowa.

Source: RadTech Report 2008

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Cationic UV Curable Coatings: Aspects of Consumer Safety in Food Packaging

Helmut G. Gaube & Juergen Ohlemacher, 1989 Conference

By Helmut G. Gaube, Juergen Ohlemacher - Degussa AG

RadTech Conference 1989

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