UV Curable Textile Finishes: superhydrophobic and oleophobic, side-specific, dual finish treatment of cotton for apparel, home, technical and sport textiles

J. Branquinho, 2011 RTE Conference

Cellulose-based materials are one of the most widely used materials provided by nature to mankind. In particular, cotton fibres have been used for millennia to produce clothing items due to its properties such as hydrophilicity and permeability to water vapour.

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Content: 11 pages

Transparent and conductive UV-cured coatings

Marco Sangermano, 2011 RTE Conference

Graphene, a new class of two-dimensional sp2 carbon nanostructure, holds great promise for potential applications in many technological fields such as optoelectronics.

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Content: 7 pages

Relating the Mechanical Properties of UV-cured Coatings to the Molecular Network - A new Approach to predict the Cross-Linking of Coatings

Marc Amkreutz, 2011 RTE Conference

A new approach to simulate the cross-linking reaction of UV-cured coatings and to generate realistic atomistic model structures in dependence of the formulation and the ambient conditions has been developed.

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Content: 10 pages

New Generation Electron Beam Emitter and Laboratory Unit

Werner Haag, COMET AG, 2011 RTE Conference

A new generation of small highly compact e-beam emitters with an accelerating voltage range of 80 to 200 kV and treatment widths of up to 60cm is described. The new e-beam equipment features a sealed accelerator tube making vacuum pumping unnecessary.

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Content: 6 pages

Emphasis on UV/EB curable acrylate based adhesives

Nicolas Jullian, Arkema France division Sartomer, 2011 RTE Conference

The need for cost efficient and environmental friendly processes has continuously increased during the past years.

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Content: 10 pages

Electron Beam accelerators for new applications

B. Laurell, E. Föll, Electron Crosslinking AB, 2011 RTE Conference

The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview of the current state of industrial electron beam development.

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Content: 17 pages

Easy-cleanable protective coatings: a breakthrough solution with energy curable technology

M. Hutchins, Ph. De Groote, M. Kanouni, Allnex S.A./N.V., 2011 RTE Conference

Special effect and functional coatings are adding performance and value in various market sectors including packaging, automotive, appliances, consumer goods, teletronics and various other industrial finish applications making use of plastic materials (1).

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Content: 7 pages

Surface Modification of PET fabrics via Photografting and Sol-Gel Processing

J.A. Son, W. Huang, J. Jang, 2007 Conference

Hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel compounds have been used for the omprovement of functional proporties of polymeric meterials.

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Content: 6 pages

Increase of Energy Efficiency of UV Curing Systems

D. Jaegers, IST METZ GmbH, 2007 Conference

The worldwide acceptance of UV-curing of coatings on film, foils and surfaces is uncontested today. Authorities, associations, chemical industry and mechanical engeneering companies identify themselves withthis environment-friendly technology.

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Content: 3 pages

How the United States market is gearing up for the 1990's

Alice H. Pincus, 1989 Conference

The use of UV and EB technology for curing coatings and inks has been commercial in the US for about 20 years now and has grown steadily, although slower than anticipated, during that time.

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Content: 5 pages