New Multi Purpose Laboratory Electron Beam Equipment

B. Laurell, E. Foll, 2007 Conference

More invironmential protection requirements force users of solvent-based coatings to look for an environmentally safe procedure that emits considerably less solvents or cracked products into the atmosphere and water.

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Coating performances and formulation parameters of cationic systems

P.J. -M. Manus, 1989 Conference

Cationic UV initiated polymerization is now a well established technology in the radiation curing market. Distinctive properties of cationic UV initiated polymerization include rapid cure response, absence of oxygen inhibition, post cure effect and high performance films.

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Low voltage Electron Beam accelerators with high output

Peter Holl, 1989 Conference

More severe environmental protection requirements having given way to stronger governmental restrictions for limiting the emission of noxious substances into the atmosphere (Technical Instructions! TI Air), determine the permissible limits for mass flows and concentrations

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New microwave energized uv systems

R. W. Stowe, 1989 Conference

The number and variety of applications for UV curable adhesives, coatings and inks have been increasing at a rapid pace. 'New demands on lamp systems arise from requirements for higher speeds, higher efficiency and special configurations for complex parts. The latest developments in

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Direct and indirect methods for the Characterization of photoinitiator efficiency

J.Ohngemach, M. Koehler, G. Wehner, 1989 Conference

This paper presents the results of an in-depth investigation of the reactivity of photocurable systems consisting of acrylated monomomers/oligomers and photoinitiators by using Photo Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Photo-DSC) .

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The Economics of Sustainable UV Technology "UV Economic Case Studies - Metal Containers and Flat Composite Substrate"

2009 Conference

Sustainability is the new Green….and will continue to gain influence in the global marketplace. A major movement is underway, which include efforts by environmentalists, government agencies, manufacturers, consumers and others, to improve Sustainability worldwide.

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Risk Assessment of Large Format Printing machines (LFP)

B. Kueter, 2009 Conference

The Professional Association Printing and Paper Converting is the statutory German accident insurer and as such they take their own best interest in machine safety.

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New Developments in Low Energy EB Equipment

S.C. Lapin, 2009 Conference

Electron beam (EB) technology has been used in industrial applications for more than 30 years. The use of EB is driven by a number of factors including: improved product performance, product consistency, high throughput, energy savings, and environmental advantages.

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Improving the Scratch Resistance of a UV Curable Polyurethane Acrylate by Incorporation of Alumina Nano-Particles

G. Mashouf, 2009 Conference

Curing of relatively thin polymer films via radiation polymerization is prevalently used in different applications such as varnishes, paints, printing inks and adhesives on account of their superior properties.

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Excited State Properties and Molecular Modeling Investigation of 4-(methylthio) phenuyl-2-Morpholinopropanone

X Allonas, F. Morlet-Savary, C.Dietlin, J.Lalavee, J.P. Malval, J.P. Fouassier, 2007 Conference

The Photophysics of 4-(methylthio) phenuyl-2-Morpholinopropanone was explored through pump probe picosecond spectroscopy. A four-level kinetic scheme involving two excited singlet states and two excited triplet states had been prposed to explain the observed excited state processes.

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