Update on Bisphenol-A

M. Cheeseman


•What is Bisphenol A and where is it found?

•What is the problem with Bisphenol A ?

•The EFSA Scientific Opinion on Bisphenol A:

•Human Exposure to Bisphenol A

•Toxicological hazard assessment of Bisphenol A

•Risk characterization for Bisphenol A

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Content: 23 pages

Exposure Assessment for food contact materials

The presentation outlines why people involved in the Food Contact Material value chain may want to do exposure assessments, what is involved in creating an exposure assessment, and how the resulting exposure assessments can be used as part of a risk assessment to determine a basis for safety.

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Content: 19 pages

Update on the mercury exemption under RoHS


  • RoHS II review
  • Exemptions
  • Cross-Industry Project – Application for Exemption Renewal
  • Other Applications
  • Application for Renewal of Exemptions Process – details
  • Next actions
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Content: 21 pages

Printing inks Current legal requirements

A. Grabitz

An overview of the European printing ink legislation. Also presenting the current status, scope, restriction, impact for UV printing inks and time line of the German printing ink ordinance.

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Content: 15 pages

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

T. Casper, Rahn AG

Dangerous goods transportation

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Content: 18 pages


Outline: (Meth)acrylic monomers REACh registrations, Tier1 and Tier2 registrations : a learning process, evaluation of Tier1 and Tier 2 Substances registrations; Potential impact on (Meth)acrylic monomers industry and main issues up to Tier3 registrations. 

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Content: 19 pages

Brand owner perspective on packaging safety risks

Dr. Stephen Klump, Nestle, 2014 RTE Food Packaging Seminar

A view of a major brand owner on the position of Radcure in printing and packaging and the future outlook in the packaging industry in respect to safety and sustainability. Explanation included of the legal regulations in relation to the brand owner specifications.

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Content: 30 pages

VOC Content of Energy Curable Coatings by Static Headspace – FID Gas Chromatographic Analysis

Dane R. Jones, Dahila Ningrum and Max T. Wills, 2011 RTE Conference

Energy curable coatings possess several advantages over traditional coatings, including having low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to most traditional coatings. According to the U.S.

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Content: 10 pages

REACH: review of past activities and outlook until 2013

Yvan Bisschops, 2011 RTE Conference

Items included in this paper: 

  • Brief introduction to REACH & CLP
  • 2010 submitted dossiers : the story isn’t yet ending …
  • 2013 : the next deadline is coming soon!
  • 2015 : the challenge for DU’s
  • REACH is still a business issue
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Content: 7 pages

Quick and Easy Way to Characterize Low Voltage (80-125 kV) EB Accelerators Using Fast Check Strips

Oleg Grinevich & Alex Mejiritski, Energy Sciences Inc., 2011 RTE Conference

With the increased use of low voltage electron beam accelerators for curing coatings, inks, laminating adhesives and crosslinking films for packaging applications, there is an increased demand to accurately, quickly and easily measure the required dose delivered to the product. To meet this deman

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Content: 9 pages