Web offset for labels and packaging printing

2011 RTE Conference

Packaging printing with energy curable inks.

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Content: 11 pages

Validation and routine process control for low-energy electron accelerators

Arne Miller, Jakob Helt-Hansen, 2011 RTE Conference

Radiation curing may not operate under the same strict legal requirements as, for example, radiation sterilization, but it is essential that dose is not delivered to product outside specifications without the knowledge of the operator.

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Content: 8 pages

UV Spectral Stability as it relates to the UV Bulb Temperature

Jim Borsuk, David Armitage, 2011 RTE Conference

For optimum ultraviolet (UV) curing efficiency, the material to be cured must match the specific spectral output of a UV bulb. This output, measured in nanometers at each wavelength throughout the UV range, is the defined spectral measurement used to quantify one UV bulb type from another.

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Content: 9 pages

Using the method of atomic layer deposition (chemical assembly of coatings on the metal surface) for high-performance anti-corrosion coatings of UV-curing

O.S. Aykasheva, 2011 RTE Conference

Coil coating - a modern way of applying paint to the metal roller facing materials. Coating process is carried out on automated production lines. The technology was invented in the U.S. 60 years ago. In the production of profiled metal sheets there are practically no competitors.

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Radiometry, how to compare different light sources

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pieke, 2011 RTE Conference

Nowadays, in the quality control of UV coatings usually broadband radiometers are applied to monitor lamp power. These meters will be calibrated to only one type of lamp and differ in their sensitivity. Thus, comparison between instruments from different manufacturers is not possible.

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Content: 7 pages

Oxygen Sensitive Electron Beam Dosimeters for Measuring Web Surface Inerting Efficiency

Stepehen C. Lapin, Ph.D, 2011 RTE Conference

Low energy (less than 300 kV) electron beam (EB) technology has been used for industrial applications for over 30 years. Well known applications include:

- Crosslinking of polyethylene based films for packaging applications

- Surface sterilization of food and medical packaging

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Content: 9 pages

Increasing process efficiency - curing of three dimensional subjects with only one UV-lamp

Andreas Bosse, IST METZ GmbH, 2011 RTE Conference

MBS®-3D three-dimensional UV curing with reduced lamp quantity. Topics included in paper:

  • Today‘s technical status
  • Presentation of MBS®-3D
  • Advantages for the user
  • Results from first field tests
  • Photos of the lab setup
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Content: 15 pages

Curing behavior of UV-LED curable inks: Influence of dose, irradiance and wavelength

Dr. Michael Peil, Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, 2011 RTE Conference

Over the last decade the irradiance of commercial UV-LED devices increased from a few hundred mW/cm² to approximately 10 W/cm² leading to a wide range of UV-LED curing applications, e.g. curing of adhesives, coatings as well as pinning and full curing of digital inks.

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Content: 8 pages

Control of UV Offset Printing Processes by In-line NIR Spectroscopy

Tom Scherzer, Gabriele Mirschel, Olesya Savchuk, Katja Heymann, Beatrix Genest, 2011 RTE Conference

In the last 15 years, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has been developed to one of the most common methods for process control. This is related to its analytic power and versatility, which allows adaption of this method to a wide range of quite different problems [1-3].

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Advancements in UV LED technology and its impact on UV curing applications

P.K. Swain, D. Harbourne, D. Leonhardt, and R. Bao, Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc, 2011 RTE Conference

Over the past few years, UV LED technology has emerged as a viable option for some UV curing applications. An LED-based UV curing system could offer substantial benefits due to its semiconductor-platform, such as, instant on-off, Hg free, longer life, lower cost of ownership, etc.

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Content: 8 pages