EB Curing in the Packaging Industry - Oppertunities and Challenges

F.P. Hombach, 2005 Conference

Electron beam curable acrylic systems are under development as an alternative to conventional solvent based or solvent free adhesives and coatings in the packaging industry.

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Formulating with UV/EB Epoxy Sillicones and Adhesives

J.-M. Frances, 1999 Conference

An industrial tolylcumyliodonium- tetrakis pentafluorophenylborate , commercially named
Rhodorsil ® Photoinitiator 2074 , was developed by Rhodia 1] The objective was to give an
alternative to solventless release silicone coatings . .J.CRIVELLO and other company 2] had

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The Rhodotrons : A New Range Of High Energy / High Power Industrial Accelerators For EB Processing

Y. Jongena, T. Delvigne, M. Abs, J.M. Capdevilab, F. Genin and A. Nguyen, 1995 Conference

The Rhodotron is a new concept of CW electron accelerators, based on the principle of
"recirculating" a beam through successive diameters of a single coaxial cavity
resonating in metric waves. This design makes it possible to achieve CW acceleration

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High Speed Printing And Uvc Of 3-Dimensional Plastic Containers

K.F. Roesch, 1993 Conference





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surface modification of plastics to high intensity ultraviolet light

William R. Schaeffer, 1989 Conference

By William R. Schaeffer, Fusion UV Curing Systems - RadTech Europe 1989

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