UV-initiated Cationic Curing in Electro and Electronics Applications

Heiner Bayer, 2011 RTE Conference

UV-initiated cationic curing is a way to create useful materials for coatings, sealings and adhesives in diverse application areas. From the past three decades up to now several special development examples are presented from the field of electronics and electro technology.

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New Generation Electron Equipment: "Lowering Costumers Operating Costs"

U.V. Laeuppi, Energy Sciences Inc., 2009 Conference

The overwhelming acceptance of the low voltage, low cost series of EB equipment has truly kept up with its expectation as the curing method of choice.

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New Developments of electron beam accelerators

T. Lund, Electron Crosslinking AB, 2009 Conference


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Advancements in UV PlasmaCure Technology

T. Jung, K. Studer, C. Lordelot, P. Simmendinger & W. Tobisch, 2007 Conference

Until now cure in shadow areas is a crucial limitation for UV-curable caotings in particular to get an extensive cure on 3-dimensional substrates such as car bodies.

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Adequate Protective Gloves for Working with UV/EB-Curing Acrylates

R. Zwanenburg, 1999 Conference




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Possilbilities of Three-Dimensional Curing of UV-Curable Clear Coats in Car Body Finish from the Viewpoint of a Coating Equipment Supplier

Dr. –Ing. P. Sevda, 1999 Conference

After the clear coat paint evolution of the last years that had the major target to drastically reduce the solvent emissions (figure 1), the employment of UV curable paints for car body paint application is being discussed increasingly.

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The Scratch Resistance of Radiation curable coatings for Automotive Applications

E. Muzeau, J. Von Stebut And B. Magny, 1999 Conference

Since the reduction of VOC is a main issue, radiation-cured coatings have quite recently entered the automotive market, with specific applications on plastic and metallic parts, in replacement of classical solvent based coatings.

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Hybrid Inerting For Electron Curing

I.J. Rangwalla and S.V. Nablo, Energy Sciences Inc., 1991 Conference


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