Photoinduced Curing Adhesives

Industry: Other
Dr. D. Dengler, DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KGaA, 1999 Conference

The design of modern production technologies, which are developed for high amounts of pieces in short time, requires very fast processes. At the same time the automatic processing needs reliable,  easy to use and robust components. For bonding, potting, casting and coating materials the demands can be summarised:
o veryfast curing
o cure only on demand
o one component products
o easy storage at ambient conditions
o curing independent of surrounding influences
To get control over these points, the start of chemical reaction has to be uncoupled from environmental conditions. UV and light curing adhesives use electromagnetic irradiance as second
component and fulfil the above mentioned criteria perfectly. Comparison Of Existing Photoinduced Curing Adhesives Today there exist mainly two types of chemical reaction mechanisms for photoinduced curing products:
o radical and
o cationic polymerisations

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