Improved Surface Cure with UVC LED

Industry: Other
T. Bizjak

Formulation modification has enabled the use of an increasing number of UV LED curable adhesives, inks, and coatings for commercial applications.  Among the available formulations, the variation in curing performance is quite large and surface cure remains the biggest challenge to overcome with LED curing.  The curing performance, specifically surface cure, has been investigated for a range of UV curable materials.  Although some formulations can be instantly cured in air when using LED based light sources, some require a lengthy post-cure waiting process, additional exposure to deep-UV irradiation, or curing under inert-gas blanketing.  Post exposure to deep-UV LEDs is an attractive solution that is investigated for the first time in greater depth to explore irradiance, dose and wavelength requirements for industrial curing solutions.  In addition, the feasibility of adding deep-UVC LEDs into a commercial LED curing system is also discussed.

Costs:  € 10,00 
Contents:  16 pages