Conference package: RTE Conference 2013

RTE Conference 2013

This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2009, held from 15 - 17 October 2013 in Basel, Switzerland.

The theme of this conference was UV/EB – Growing through Innovation!

A blocking primer design for digital printing on packaging foils

A new class of multifunctional aromatic amine synergists

A Versatile Low Cost EB Lab Unit

Achieving Adhesion to Difficult Metal and Plastic Substrates

Advancements in microwave powered UV curing system utilizing solid state switch mode power supply

All whishes in an unique UV varnish for paper ( what else?!)

Control Release Additives and Peel Release Values of Silicone Release Coatings

Development in Low Voltage EB Curing For High Product Throughput Applications

Development of new UV-curable paints for metal using high-throughput technologies

Effect of Amine Synergists on the Electron Beam Curing Properties of Acrylate Based Coatings

Elucidating Reaction Mechanisms of Photoinitiators by Magnetic Resonance

Fluorosurfactants for UV coatings: High performance with environmentally friendly materials

Food Contact Burden Challenge Chance or Collapse for Radiation Curing

High Performance Building Blocks for Radiation Curing Resins

Highly Sensitive Non-ionic Photoacid Generators for i- and g-lines

Implementation of UV LED Technology for Flexographic Printing

In-line Monitoring of the Conversion in an Offset Printing Press

In-Line Printing and Laminating with EB Curing for Packaging Applications

Incorporating Nanosilica Technology of Different Particle Size for New Improvements in UV Curable Coatings

Innovative energy efficient UV-solution for cross-linking of PSA hot melts

Innovative photoinitiator for clear and pigmented systems

Innovative UV-solutions for top curing qualities

Latest Development in Energy Curable Resins for Hardcoat Application

Listing of Acrylates and Photoinitiatores for UV-curable inks and coatings

MBS 3D Eco-friendly UVcuring of 3D Objects

New Amine Modified Polyether Acrylates with High Reactivity

New approach to evaluate indirect mass transfer processes of printing ink compounds

New UV Detectors for the UV-A to UV-C region with high longterm stability

Non-Reciprocity of Exposure of UV-Curable Materials and the Implications for System Design

Novel crosslinking additive for chemical resistant UV-curable clearcoats

Novel Highly Efficient Initiators For Two-Photon Induced Photopolimerization

Novel Pigment Stabilizing Dendritic Oligomers

Optimization of a photocyclic initiating system for visible light using of holographic recording

Photocurable Poly-AMPS-Based Proton Exchange Membranes For Fuel Cells

Photocurable polythiol based (meth)acrylate resins stabilization

Photoinitiating systems for use with LED and LASER diodes in the visible.

Photopolymerization of acrylate monomer miniemulsions from fundamentals to implementation in photoreactors

Photopolymerization of acrylic oligomers and photolithographic processes

Polymeric Hydrogels Sythesized via Photopolymerisation and Photocrosslinking

Polyurethane itaconates - A new class of UV-curing Binder

REACH overview 2010-2018: Impact for producers and downstream users

Reactive Silicones as Cross-Linkers in UV Cured Systems

Rheological effects of novel thermal radical initiator as viable alternative crosslinker

Safety and risk assessment for UV curing systems

Self-curing acrylate resin for UV inks and coatings for indirect consumer product packaging applications

Sensitizer Photoinitiator Interactions Possibilities and Probabilities for UV Inks and Coatings

Storage Stable Thiol-Ene Formulations

Surface cleaning modification and improvements by excimer lamps

Surface Energy Study of UV-Curable Patterned Surface Involved Nano Silica Treated with Perflourosilane

Sustainability Advantages of Electron Beam Curing Applications

Synthesis and Characterization of fluotinated photoinitiator

The Effect of UV Stabilizers Under UV and Daylight Curing Characterization

The use of Electron Beam Accelerators

The World s First Compact Sealed 300 kV ebeam Source

Time-Resolved EPR Study of Singlet Oxygen in the Gas Phase

Using Con-focus RAMAN method to analyze Double Bond Conversion

UV Curable Polysiloxane-acrylic Hybrid Resins for High Durability Coating of Plastic

UV-cured hybrid sol-gel coatings for aeronautical and Direct-To-Metal (DTM) applications

UV-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites


Water repellent acrylic photopolymers containing fluorinated monomers

Web offset printing for short run packaging with energy curing inks - comparison of UV and EB

Xenon Flash Sintering of Jet Printed Metal Inks

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Contents:  63 articles