Conference package: RTE Conference 2011

RTE Conference 2011

This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2009, held from 18 - 20 October 2011 in Basel, Switzerland.

The theme of this conference was UV/EB – Green Technology for Innovation!

Advancements in UV LED technology and its impact on UV curing applications

Analyzing Consumption of BPh as a Function of Film Depth and UV light Intensity

Anti-corrosion properties of UV-cured coatings

APhotoelastomers based on thiol-ene polymerization

Atmospheric Plasma Processing of Film Substrates for Enhanced Adhesion of EB Curable of Printing Inks and Clear

Can UV LED breakthrough into graphic arts printing applications?

Chain transfer reagents for molecular weight control in radical photo-polymerization

Coloured and Tinted Lacquers - The Next Step to Take for Radiation-Curable and Waterborne Binders

Confocal Raman microscopy study of several factors known to participate in overcoming O2 inhibition

Control of UV Offset Printing Processes by In-line NIR Spectroscopy

Curing behavior of UV-curable coating in presence of different multi-functional monomers

Curing behavior of UVLED curable inks Influence of dose irradiance and wavelength

Decorative Ceramic Surfaces using UV-curable Adhesion Promoters and Nanocomposites Coatings

Development of waterbased UV curable inkjet inks for printing on plastic substrates

Diode Laser Induced Photopolymerization Role of the Photoinitiating Systems

Easy-cleanable protective coatings a breakthrough solution with energy curable technology

Effect of photocrosslinking on the thermal stability of UHMWPE films

Efficient curing of vinyl esters by thiol-ene polymerization

Electron Beam accelerators for new applications

Emphasis on UV/EB curable acrylate based adhesives

Epoxy Cationic Polymerization Under Soft Irradiations Sunlight Household Bulbs The Interest of the Silyl Rad

Excellent Matting and Haptic with New Additive from Renewable Resources

Field Applied UV Curable Coatings for Flooring

Flammable Dusts a little-known risk in UV sheetfed offset printing

Formulation for Efficient Matting in 100% UV-curable Coatings

Formulation of UV cationic polymerizable mixtures for inkjet printing

Frontal polymerization using UV curable resins

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification & labelling of chemicals

High Performance Fillers in Wood Coatings and Decorative Melamine Films

High performance radical and cationic initiators with low emission properties

How to decide on the right UV primer for wood

Hybrid Photoinitiator Sensitization

Improved Surface Properties with Multifunctional Cross-linkable Additives for UV Systems

Investigation of termination reactions in photoinitiated radical polymerisation of UV powder coatings

Low Migration UV-curable inkjet printing inks for packaging applications

Low viscous water thinnable urethane acrylates

Low Voltage Electron Beam Curing An Update

Matting of 100% UV transparent coatings with near-nanoparticles

MBS®-3D three-dimensional UV curing with reduced lamp quantity

Migration and Emission

New Generation Electron Beam Emitter and Laboratory Unit

New Polyester Polyols for Energy Curable Ink Applications

New Polyester Polyols for Energy Curable Ink Applications2

New Routes to Water-Based Radiation Curable Resins

Nitroxide Mediated PhotoPolymerization NMP2: the First Example

Novel photocationic initiators for UV curable nanocoatings

Novel Photocurable PVB Resin for Glass Lamination

Optimisation of moisture barrier properties using UV/EB curing resins

Oxygen Sensitive Electron Beam Dosimeters for Measuring Web Surface Inerting Efficiency

Photoelastomers based on thiol-ene polymerization

Photoinitiator’s byproducts: all that you’ve always wanted to know (and never asked)

Photoreactivity adjustment of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives

Powder In Mould Coating as a superior finishing solution for SMC in automotive applications

Printing Food Packaging in UV

Quick and Easy Way to Characterize Low Voltage (80-125 kV) EB Accelerators Using Fast Check Strips

Radical Photopolymerization in Miniemulsions

Radiometry how to compare different light sources

Real 3D Writing by Two Photon Induced Polymerization

Relating the Mechanical Properties of UV-cured Coatings to the Molecular Network - A new Approach to predict the

Silica nano particle composites in optically high transparent hybrid UVcurable formulations

silicone UV-cure hardcoat technology: A tunable protective coating for plastics

Speeding up the development of coated textile products

Structural morphological and mechanical studies of UV cured organic-inorganic sol-gel based nanocomposite films

Study the curing and mechanical properties of a pigmented UV curable epoxy acrylate system

The secrets of matting 100% radiation curable coatings

Transparent and conductive UV-cured coatings

Using the method of atomic layer deposition (chemical assembly of coatings on the metal surface) for high-perfor

UV Curable Textile Finishes: superhydrophobic and oleophobic side-specific dual finish treatment of cotton for

UV cured coatings for household appliances and decorative panels

UV curing and sol-gel based chemistry: towards nanocomposite coatings in a one step process

UV powders for wood coatings

UV Spectral Stability as it relates to the UV Bulb Temperature

UV-initiated Cationic Curing in Electro and Electronics Applications

Validation and routine process control for low-energy electron accelerators

Visible light photoinitiating systems for laser imaging using pyrromethene dyes

Visible light photoinitiating systems using borate salts as coinitiators applied to the laser imaging area

VOC Content of Energy Curable Coatings by Static Headspace – FID Gas Chromatographic Analysis

Water- and oil-repellent finish of PET fabrics using UV irradiation

Water-based UV-systems with a focus on LED-curing

Way to increase the protective characteristics of anti-corrosion coatings UV-curing paints

Web offset for labels and packaging printing

Why EB Curing again?

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Contents:  82 articles