Conference package: RTE Conference 2009

RTE Conference 2009

This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2009, held from 14 - 15 October 2009 in Nice, France.

The theme of this conference was UV/EB – Sustainable Technology!

A novel di-functional high molecular weight co-initiator

Acrylated Allophanates - Low viscous alternatives for outdoor applications

Additive Solutions for Water-borne UV-Systems

Cationic photoinitiators based on phenylethynyl onium salts

Cationic UV-crosslinkable acrylic pressure sensitive

Characterizing the Efficiency of UV LED Curing

Comparison of the cationic cure of epoxysilicones in the blue light (LED / Halogen) and/or with cold UV lamps

Continuous Monitoring of Process Parameters in UV Curing Processes

Design of a new polyester acrylate for the formulation of UV/EB flexographic and lithographic inks

Design of High-Molecular-Weight Photoinitiators for High-End UVCuring Applications

Dosimeter overview and the use of D for Calibration

EB applications in flexible food packaging

Electron Beam Curing:The Only Curing Option Providing Sustainable Packaging.

Electron Beam Laminating Adhesive Study

Electron Beam Technology for Converting Applications

Emission behaviour of UV light sources: the influence on the polymerisation process and the properties of cured

Enhanced Performance and Value of UV-Cured Systems Using Functional Fillers

Expanding the Boundaries of Cationic Photoinitiated-Curing Adhesives

Fabrication of High-Performanced Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives with Nanofiller by in-situ Photo-polymeriz

Field applied UV-curable coatings for concrete flooring

Food contact considerations

Free radical and free radical promoted cationic photopolymerization

Goals of polymeric photoinitiators

Hard and Tough? Combining nanosilica technology with toughening agents for new improvements in coatings

High power diode laser

Improving the Scratch Resistance of a UV Curable Polyurethane

Improving UV coatings with surface modified nanoparticles

In situ monitoring of the photo polymerization of UV curable acrylate coatings

In Situ Synthesis of Silver and gold-epoxy Nanocomposites by Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Cationic Polymer

Innovative route for the synthesis of hybrid nanocomposites by a single step organic and inorganic photopolymeri

Investigation of Processes in Photoinitiating Systems through ESR Spin Trapping and Kinetic ESR

Is it possible to accelerate the development of new weather resistant radiation curable products?

Is there any dependence of the dosecuring-characteristics on the machine speed using EB


Low Energy Electron Beams for Aseptic Packaging Applications

Mechanistic Investigations on Germanium-based Photoinitiators

Monomers and Photoinitiators for Biomedical Applications

New binders for photocationic curing

New Developments in Low Energy EB Equipment

New developments of electron beam accelerators

New Generation Electron Beam Equipment: “Lowering Customers Operating Costs”

New Self-Initiating Oligomers Based on Thiol-ene Chemistry

On-Demand Curing of 2K-PUR with Photo-Latent Catalysts

Optimized LED-Systems for adhesive curing

Packaging Food Safety at Nestlé

Photochemistry and Photophysics of Two-Photon Initiators

Pulsed inertization – a cost effective way to reduce oxygen

Radiation curing market overview and trends

REACH / Uses and Exposure

Reactivity of allyl pentosides in UV-initiated free radical copolymerization with acceptor monomers

Relating Tensile Properties of Improved UV Cure Heat Resistant Coatings and Thermogravimetric Data

Risk assessment of Large Format Printing machines (LFP)

Selfinitiating Monomers based on Acrylamides

Silsesquioxanes - novel additives for enhancing acrylate coatings

Tackling the drawbacks of waterbased UV-Systems

The challenge of doing business in a constantly changing market environment

UV assisted spraying: the flexible approach to UV curing

UV cured powder coatings and varnishes on beech. Monolayer and hybrid systems

UV Light – Challenges in Structural Bonding

UV–curable gel-polymer electrolytes for Li-ion battery applications

Water-borne UV coatings for exterior wood application

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Contents:  63 articles