Conference package: RTE Conference 2007

2007 RTE Conference

This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2007, held from 13 - 15 November 2007 in Vienna, Austria.

The theme of this conference was UB/EB - The Natural Choice

A Digital Solution to Formability for Industrial Inkjet Market

Advanced Photoinitiator Solutions for UV Ink Jet Applications

Advanced Radiachromic Radiometry for UV Curing

Advancements in UV PlasmaCure Technology

Application of Inclusion Compounds to Photosensitive Diazo Compounds for Improvement of Photo and Thermal Decomp

Beyond REACH: Impact on downstream users and consumers

Biological Monitoring for Solvents and Multifunctional Acrylate Vapours in SME Printing Factories

Bridging the Gap: VOC Emissions and Coatings Science Analysis of Current and Future Coatings Technology Developments

Chain-Propagation in Photopolymerization of DiFunctional Acrylate and Methacrylate Monomers

Coating of Decorative Papers with EB-Topcoats for the use as Laminate flooring

Conference Comparative study of paints for wood application using life cycle inventory

Conductive UV Curable Adhesives for Printed RFID Antenna Structures

Demonstrating Food Contact Compliance of UV initiators

Development of Hybrid Thiol-ene/Cationic Dual Photo- and Thermally Curable Systems

Developments of Solid State UV Light Sources for InkJet Printing Applications

Digital Printing of Conductive Features for Printed Electronics and Display Applications

Direct-to-Metal UV Coatings: The Challenges and Solutions

Effects of Oligomer and Diluent Selection on the Performance of EB Cured Coatings

Excited State Properties and Molecular Modeling Investigation of 4-methylthiophenyl-2-Morpholinopropanone

Flame-Retardant Treatment of Cotton Fabrics Using a UV-Curable Phosphorous-Containing Monomer

Free Radical Photoinitiators. Review and Primer

Guide to the Classification and Labelling of UV/EB Acrylates

High Water and Humidity Resistant UV-Curable Inks for Industrial Applications on Plastic Substrates

Hybrid Photoinitiator Based on Arene-Iron Complex and a-Hydroxy Alkyl Phenone

Increase of Energy Efficiency of UV Curing Systems

Inerted UV Tunnel for Wood Applications

Influence of Different Wavelengths on the Local Polymerization in UV Coatings

Influence of Electron Beam on Some Polymeric Substrates Used in Flexible Packaging

Influence of Photoinitiator's Architecture on the Shrinkage of Acrylic PSA

Influence of Wetting and Dispersing Additives on Rheology and Efficiency of Silica Matting Agents

Ink Bonding Properties of Electron Beam Cured Adhesive Laminates for Flexible Packaging

Innovative UV Inert System - Benchmark for UV Newspaper Printing

Innovative UV-dose Indicator Formulations for Curing Control of Coatings

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Various Industrial Wood Surface Coatings

Low Odor/Low Extractable Energy Curable Acrylates for Food Packaging Applications

Low Temperature UV curing for Heat Sensitive Substrates

New Derivatives of Covalently linked Benzophenone-Amine based Photoinitiators

New Method of Stabilization of Sol-Gel-Nanoparticles in Dual-Cure-Formulations

New Multi Purpose Laboratory Electron Beam Equipment

New Raw Materials for Low-Emission Coating and Ink Formulations

New simple system of UV lamp process control for flexible packaging printers

New Sulfonium Salt based Photoinitiators for Cationic Photopolymerization

New UV-Curable High Refractive Index Oligomers

New Visible Light Photointiators for Dental Materials

NIR Spectroscopy as Powerful Tool for Process Control in UV Curing

Novel Acrylated Building Blocks for UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions

Novel Electron Transfer Photoinitiators for Free Radicals Polymerization

Novel Photolatent Amines: Expanding the Scope of Photolatent Base Technology

Novel Reactive Liquid Acrylic Polymer

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings Based on Sol-Gel Chemistry and Photopolymerization Process

Organoclay-Epoxidized Oil Acrylate UV Curable Coatings

Organometallic Complexes as Initiators for UV Printing Inks

Photochemical Reaction and Physical Property of Certain Novel Dendritic Polymers with Methacryloyl Groups

Photochemical reactivity of difunctional radical photoinitiators

Photoinitiator-Free Daylight Curing of Maleimide Functional Coatings

Photoinitiators with Bathochromic Shift

Photopolymerization in the Presence of Ionic Liquids

Photorheometry:; A Tool for Characterizing High-Performance Adhesives and Coatings

Polymeric Molecules for Use as Photoinitiators for UV Curing of Acrylates

Practical Approach Predicting Lithographic Properties of UV Curing Offset Inks in Laboratory Scale

Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanostructured UV-Cured Coatings

Print-Applied UV-Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Graphics Requiring High Temperature

Process Design of UV Coatings: PTE Diagrams

Prospects and Perspectives on the Asian Radiation Curing Industry

Radiation Curable Hyperbranched Polyester Acrylates

Recycling of Paper with UV inks and coatings

Refractive Index Patterning of Polymeric Waveguide Materials

Screen Printing UV Exposure Scenarios

Securing Ink Adhesion in UV Printing Flexography for Food Packaging

Self-Initiation of UV Curing Reactions with Brominated Acrylates

Simulation Software for an Efficient Layour of 3D-UV Curing Processes

Singlet Oxygen Reactive Components for Radiation Curable Formulations

Study the Effect of Type and Concentration of Multifunctional Acrylate Monomers on UV Cured Epoxy Acrylate Resin

Surface Modification of PET fabrics via Photografting and Sol-Gel Processing

Surface Photografting and Metalization of Polypropylene

Synergy or Enemy - a Basic Dilemma

Synthesis and Evaluation of Eosin-based Photoinitiators with Improved Migration Stability

The Behaviour of Barton Esters as Radical Photoinitiators

The Characteristics of Whiteboard Produced by EB Radiation Curing in Continuos Coil Coating Line

The Effect of UV Powder Functionality on the Network Formation

The Integrated Pollution Prevention

The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive

The New Frontier: Waterborne UV Coatings for Plastics

The Use of Amine Synergists for Low Odor and Low Migration Applications

The UV.EB European Market: Opportunities and Worries

Urethane Acrylates from Dimer acid Based Derivatives

Use of Remote Curing for Probing the Effects of Humidity on the Cationic Curing of Epoxides

Using a New Approach to Analyze A Depth Profile of Double Bond Conversion in Model Formulations

UV Coat: Durable and Innovative Finishing of Textile using UV-Technology

UV Coil Coating - Importance of Thermal Treatment

UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions: a VOC Compliant High Performance Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Wood

UV Curing and Matting of Nano/Micro Composite Materials

2007 Conference UV Film Technology as an Alternative to Conventional Coating Application

UV Pigmented Wood Finishes Based on Waterborne Acrylic Dispersions

UV technology for the Coil Coating Industry

UV-Curable Electrically Conductive Flexo Ink

UV-Curable PFPE (Meth)acrylates: A New Class of UV-Curable Resins

UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions

Water Soluble Bisacylphosphine Oxides for the Photopolymerisation of Acidic Aqueous Dental Formulations

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